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June 29, 2015 / justinbatalden

Short Story (part 8)

I woke up to a the sound of two men shouting at each other. I kept my eyes closed scared that if they knew I was awake, there would be more fists with my name on it. At first the small room caused the yelling to echo across the room causing the words to meld together and become incomprehensible. Slowly the words started to make sense.
The man that punched me shouted, “Fuck this guy! Why can’t I just kill him?!”
The other man let out an exasperated sigh as he stated, “This man is our key to get there, Jim!” His voice was seeping with the annoyance of man that was dealing with a very stubborn toddler, “If you kill him without us actually being able to send anyone over there, he won’t be the only body I will have to get rid of!”
Jim seemed to not be happy with the other man’s response because a explosive roar was let loose, as what sounded like the chair I was previously seated on, was thrown against the wall of the room. The chair rebounded off the wall and came to sudden halt as the legs landed square on my back. I tried to stifle the sudden urge to shout out, but was dissapointed when a groan escaped my lips. There was silence for just a moment, in that moment I was praying the echoes of the chair somehow covered up my groan. I sat in the brief silence waiting for the inevitable reprimand for being awake, but it never came.
Instead the sound of footsteps and a heavy door sliding open and slamming shut followed. I stayed still holding my breath not daring to hope that I was left alone in the room. Thirty seconds passed and nothing happened, then one minute, then five minutes, and still nothing happened not a sound was pushed through that room. After what felt like an hour passed I opened my eyes. It took all my strength to stop the blood cruddling scream that was trying to break through my lips. The other man was laying down beside me on his back staring back at me with a huge grin on his face.
“Oh my!” He said giggling, “you look absolutely terrified!” He stood up gracefully and with the ease of an atheltic man. He took off his jacket and brushed off the dirt that he recieved from the ground, then folded the jacket neatly over his arm. He walked around to my back and, with one strong hand, picked me up to my feet. My hands were stilled tied together behind my back forcing me to be hunched over. The man was so immensly tall that I had to strain my neck to be able to look at him in the eyes.
He looked down at me with small girn that seemed to promise all kinds of imaginative ways to induce pain. I tried to release my gaze but he had all control of where I looked, and it seemed that my eyes just kept wanting to stare into the dark brown eyes of this new man. His eyes moved away from mine, and a sense of pressure seemed to have lifted off of my head. The man reached to the side of me and picked up the chair I was sitting in. He placed it in front of me and placed his jacket on the back of the chair. With the grace of a dancer he slide his body in front of the chair and sat down, slowly crossing one leg over the other and carefully placed both hands on his raised knee. He sat in that position for what felt like hours staring at me with no sign of emotion on his face. I stared back at him not daring to move despite the growing discomfort in my lower back and the ache in my legs that seemed to grow and grow with every passing moment. After what felt like an hour I opened my mouth to say something, but was quickly silenced by a raised finger, “that said one moment please.”
I stared at the man for a moment then I brought my eyes down to the ground trying to find something that would help me figure out what I could do in this situation. The man shuffled his body and brought his other foot to the ground. At this I raised my gaze to the man and his emotionless face turned into a smile.
He stood up and placed his hand on my shoulder gently and spoke in a whisper, ” How about you bring me to that wonderful field that you visit on occasion?”
I stared back at him confused on what he was talking about and how I could possibly answer him.
I forced out a mutter of, ” I am not really sure what you are talking about?”
The man’s grip increased in pressure to pass on the message of “Yes, you do.”
I gave the man a desperate look of help and blurted out, “I have no idea how to get there.”
The man smiled back at the comment and said, ” Oh don’t worry I know exactly how to get you there!” At this the man’s free hand raced downwards and jammed a needle cartidge into my thigh. A sharp pain was followed as the needle was projectiled into my thigh. A burning sensation followed as whatever the man injected into me started to effect me.
My heart began to play it’s beat in my skull.
“Ba-dump!” “Ba-dump!” “Ba-dump!”
The man’s grip on my shoulder turned into a iron grip as his eyes burned with excitement. His mouth was spread wide with laughter. And then he was gone. I was standing alone in the middle of the field again. My nose filled with the scent of the flowers and grass. I looked down at my thigh and noticed that the needle was still lodged there. I reached down and ripped it out with a groan of pain and sasitfaction. With a quick look around I saw that I was alone in the field. The man wasn’t able to come with me. I stared around me trying to figure out what I should do. I looked at the trees that surrounded the field hoping there would be  a sign for me to go in the right direction. I then saw a giant tree protruding over the rest of trees like a tower at the edge of the field. It had a kind of aura that gave it a comfort and safety. I started to walk towards the tree. Then I started to hear a hysterical laughter that was forming behind me. The laughter sounded familar to me. I quickly turned around and saw the man standing where I just left behind. His laughter grew into a roar with his head upturned to the sky. He didn’t look at me, I don’t even think he noticed me. I started to back away slowly taking one step at a time. Then I turned around and bolted towards the tree. I kept sprinting and didn’t look back. The man’s roar growing louder and more triumphant behind me.


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