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September 1, 2017 / justinbatalden

Just Keep Fighting

I am just so tired.

It was been a long fight

A really hard fight

I just want It to end

But it can not

I just wants to keep attacking

It will not let up

It will not stop with It’s attack

It does not want to stop

It wants to see me fall

See me become nothing

It wants to conquer me

And I’m so close to just giving up

Letting It take control of me

Giving it the power to destroy me

It just seems that my last few defenses

Are Weakening

Are Brittle

I have no knowledge how to repair them

And no one else seems to be able to help

Despite the constant desire for charity

It still is stronger

It has better defenses than I

No matter what I throw at It

It just laughs and steps forward

Attacking more fericously

Because It can smell my weakness

It can see my fatigue

It is succeeding and It knows that

I just am so tired

I want to keep fighting

I just do not know if I have the strength

I do not know how long I can stand

I do not know when my next free breath

Will signify the last.



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