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July 21, 2013 / justinbatalden

Short Story (Part 4)

I stood staring at my door. Breathing heavily and quickly. Sweat started to bead on my forehead and run down my face collecting on my nose. With every breath a drop of sweat would fly off my nose and land on the word “Life” in front of me. However, when the sweat landed on the word, it turned red and thick like blood and started to turn the word to a bright red. I turn from the door, sprinting down the hallway towards the stairs. I start to take the winding stairs two at time, and sometimes jumping to the next landing. I get to 2nd floor and I take a misstep and stumble hurtling my body down the stairs. I woke up at the bottom of the stairs. I lay there trying to decide if anything was broken, flexing every joint and bone I could. Nothing seemed wrong until I tried to stand up. I tried to move my right arm but a sharp bolt of pain shot through my body, I gave a small yell of pain and realized that I was laying on my arm. I rolled to my left and pushed myself up as my right arm shot another bolt of pain through my body as gravity took it and caused to swing out and hang loosely at the shoulder. I stood up leaning my left shoulder against the wall. I grabbed my right arm and cradled it against my body. I walked slowly to the door that led out of the stair well. As I reached the door I leaned my body against the door breathing heavy from the pain. I stare out the small window of the door wide eyed and trying to decide if I was safe to walk out the door. After a couple minutes I push open the door slowly gritting my teeth as my right arm shifted weight. I walked a couple feet out of the doorway took in my surroundings noticing I was alone. I started to walk to the street hoping to flag a cab and get to the hospital. The messages that were left in and on my apartment had left my mind at the moment. But they returned for a split second as the man walked up to behind me and struck me on the head, causing my vision to black out for the third time that day.


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