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September 16, 2013 / justinbatalden

Short Story (Part 5)

I woke up accompanied  with a feeling as if someone was driving a nail into the back of my head. I raised my head, wincing as the nail was driven deeper, trying to take in my surroundings. My hands were cuffed to the back of  a small steel chair in a dark hot room. Sweat was dripping off my chin and nose and gathering in a pool at the bottom of my feet. The drone of cicadas echo throughout the room of the room filling my head with the note of their vibrating wings. I stared at the daylight that was glimmering through what appeared to be a door, hoping to see if anything is moving outside of the room. Suddenly a shadow blocks out the light so quickly I was unsure if I had blinked. Again the light was blocked out. Then again. The light started to go out and appear, in a pulsating rhythm, starting out slow and slowly picking up speed causing a strobe light effect. The sound of the cicadas started to die and rise with the rhythm of the pulsating light, soon turning it into a sound that was pounding against my ears. The pain in the back of my head and in my ears became unbearable, I start to yell trying to combat the raising note of the cicadas and the driving pain in my head. I screamed louder and tasted blood on the back of my tongue. I could feel my sanity starting to slip and thin. I tried to screaming louder in hopes of holding to the last bit of sanity available to me. My heart started to pound throughout my whole body, it started to drown out the cicadas and lessen the strobe effect with a loud ‘Ba-Dump’ ‘Ba-Dump’.

Suddenly the sound stopped, the flashing stopped, and even the pain disappeared. I opened my eyes and saw that I was in a middle of a grassy field.


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