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June 9, 2014 / justinbatalden

Life Not Wasted

One’s own life is nothing
To live for yourself
Is empty.
Why show all your successes
And failures to a private viewer?
Why not let that show be viewed
By more than one?
Why not let your life be known
By others?
Why hide yourself
From minds that want to experience?
To live by oneself.
To be the only one to celebrate
Or to console.
Just seems to be a waste.
A waste of opportunities.
A waste of a gift given to the lucky few.
LIfe is a gift that shouldn’t be wasted
On the one viewer.
It should be shared with others,
Because those others
Want to share with you.
You could be that hero,
To that one viewer that brings
Them out of their darkness.
Or that other could even become
The hero you needed.
Don’t waste away in front
Of that one sided mirror
Stand up
Break free
And live
Like you always wanted to.


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