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June 8, 2013 / justinbatalden

A short story (Part 2)

I wake up with my head pounding and dried blood on my face. I looked at the time and saw that I was out for a couple hours. I put my hand to my nose, and quickly pull it away with a sharp inhale. I stand up slamming a hand on the wall to support myself. I slide over to the mirror over the sink in the bathroom and flinch with pain as I see my crooked nose. I place my fingers on both sides of my nose, taking a deep breath and with a groan I pushed my nose back into place.
My vision flashed white as I stood over the sink gasping for breath. I reached over and grabbed a rag, placing it to my nose to help control the bleeding. I walked out to the living room and slouched down into the couch as I turned on the T.V. A high pitch whine filled the room as the picture rendered. The local news was on, the anchor woman droned on about the accomplishments of a young teenage girl that did something extraordinarily caring. I didn’t give any attention to what the woman was saying. I only used the television as a background noise.
I relaxed back into the couch letting the pain of my nose subside. After the bleeding stopped I threw the rag in the sink, and washed my face. I decided I should go for a walk and made my way to the front door. As I reached for the door knob a loud rap sounded at my door. My hand froze on the door handle slightly alarmed at the loud noise. I looked out through the frosted window at the top of the door and saw a large figure in front of my door.
I stepped quickly away from the door. Terrified of the figure, “Ba-dump” “Ba-dump” raged through my whole body. A loud knock sounded at the door again, and again, and again. His knocks soon came in sync with my heart each “Ba-dump” was followed with a knock. Soon my whole apartment with filled with a constant “Ba-dump” “Knock” “Ba-dump” “Knock”.


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