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May 2, 2012 / justinbatalden

cant think of anything to post so might as well put an old one up ha

Poetry and Stuff

Chapter 1

I’m writing this as a warning to future unlucky souls that arrive here. To those who find this I’m sorry, to those who don’t find this I’m even more sorry. My name is Jake Tillman, I am a solider of God’s army and I died. The whole dying thing isn’t really what Hollywood likes to portray it. . Death is boring, unsatisfying, and disappointing. It is just instant darkness, no white light, no sweet harmonious sound from distant beings, nor an out of body experience. It is just like someone turning off the light in a windowless room. The only thing those religious cults got right, was there is an afterlife. There is only one afterlife and I will tell you something reader, it isn’t worth it try to live forever if you can. I preferred if I just died, then at least I would be at peace…

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