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July 27, 2011 / justinbatalden

So some thoughts

So this post really isn’t what I normally post it is a lot more about what is going on in America at the moment. I am extremely angry and annoyed with how are federal government is running lately. It is full of lazy congressmen who aren’t doing anything important with their seat as “our” voice in the house of representatives and the senate. They are not doing anything we are a matter of days away from being defaulting our taxes ( pretty much bankrupting our nation) and congress is still taking days off of work and not trying to push a bill through to raise the debt ceiling. I havent watched the new today so I might be wrong, but still doesn’t get rid of the fact that it took congress so long to do anything. Congress are the people at fault for why we are fighting the most ridiculous ” war on terror.” Congress is the reason why we are in a economic recession. Congress is the reason why we funding two sides of a war. Congress is the ones if we go into default is the reason we lose or standing as a world power. We, citizens of america, need to start voicing how the congress is putting America in such a bad spot as a world power. We need to stop blaming the president for something that he can’t control. He can influence and President Obama’s influence died with the elections of 2010.

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