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February 3, 2011 / justinbatalden

This is the First Poem I have ever written hope you guys like it.

Forever Snow

Footprints travel up the mountain
Trudging through the forever snow
Slowly being suffocated by earth’s blanket
With every step closer to the last breath
Then the steps are pulled back
Looking back to find them being tied to a dead body
Cutting the line, they trudge forward
Never looking back
Forgetting about the help that got them up
They move deeper and farther into Earth’s blanket
Treasuring every single breath
Always expecting to have the last one
The sun jumps behind the mountain
The footprints keep moving to the last breath
As the Moon greets the mountain
The footprints slow the pace
As the last step reaches the peak
A flag sticks to the ground
The footprints give a sigh of relief and collapse

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